Photo Control Glass

The innovation we want to introduce you with is PHOTO CONTROL GLASS™, an active multifunctional smart switchable glass technology which is remotely operated to serve to the user’s most convenient comfort.

PHOTO CONTROL GLASS™ is energetic efficient glass which shows adequate protective characteristics in all weather conditions (it doesn’t matter whether it is a day or night, winter or summer) and at all highs and altitudes (e.g. on a skyscraper).

PHOTO CONTROL GLASS™ is the first and so far, the only monolithic variable transmission smart glass which completely meets all technical standard requirements for automotive industry application.

PHOTO CONTROL GLASS™ is not passive glass which can be activated by influence of external natural factors, such as light or temperature, it is dynamic and active glass which can be activated on demand, by remote control, providing the most convenient comfort to the user.

We would like to highlight that production of PHOTO CONTROL GLASS™ surface unit costs 5 times less than production of the same unit of any other competitive product.

On demand, Photo Control Glass can:

  • Change it’s state gradually from transparent do darken
  • Illuminate surrounding with homogenous light in any color
  • Remotely adjust color and intensity of the light
  • Remotely adjust intensity of the darkened state


We are proud to say that, it has great potential and it is expected to become competitive and maybe even a leading product on the global smart glass market.

Photo Control Glass™ has superior technical, functional, visual and aesthetic characteristics among other competitive products.

According to preliminary testing performed by our engineering team, our product had shown extreme functionality and durability.