• it behaves as area illumination device,
  • as well as privacy protective device,
  • provides adequate protection from undesirable sun’s emissions which include UV, visible light, heat and other radiations,
  • power saving device,
  • aesthetic and adjustable item,
  • widely applicative, active glass, with no external limitations.
Simple and cheap production
  • The production of the unit of PHOTO CONTROL GLASS™ is about 80% cheaper than other “smart” glass.
  • It is produced by using standard glass processes and procedures with standard equipment, which means almost none additional investment in any glass production line.
Variety of application
  • architecture and construction (at all altitudes), due to possibilities of a large yet completely functional panels, vehicle industry installment, also with monolithic pane, furnishing and esthetic details.
Energy efficiency
  • Provides power saving
Our glass systems have shown extreme durability